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Wednesday, 23 August 2023, full day


Bring your badge with you!

  • The main gate is located at Via Niccolò Tommaseo 59, pedestrian access only

  • Secondary gate is located in Via Goldoni (Gate C) for both pedestrian

On Wednesday, 23 August, the Venue will be open only for the departure of tour buses.

Therefore the venue will stay closed until the next morning (Thursday, 24 August).

Please do not leave cars, personal objects or other inside the venue on August 23.

7:45 Meeting Call for attendance at Padova Congress

8:00 Departure from Padova Congress

11:00 Arriving at Langhirano (Parma)


11:30 Technical Visit and Taste Morning visit to Prosciuttificio Fratelli Galloni

Fratelli Galloni is a family-run company and it has decided to remain such throughout its business life. To this day, the key roles are entrusted to family members. This approach is the reason behind the family choice not to adopt production models that inevitably lead to trivial standardisation of the product. All research and innovation aimed at improving product and process take place along their shared intention of respecting and enhancing their tradition. Prosciuttificio galloni shares deep ties, ideas that become a tangible experience every time the Prosciutto reaches the table of those who prefer excellence.

The visit is followed by a prosciutto (raw ham) tasting and lunch at LA ZAGARA, Galloni's restaurant: a unique location, facing the wonderful panorama of the Val di Parma..

14:00 Guided Visit afternoon visit to Parma, famous for its food and rich gastronomical tradition, history and culture heritage.

16:45 Meeting point We meet at the meeting point with your guide, ready to go back to Padova!

17:00 leaving to get back to Padova Congress

Do not forget!

Your badge

Dress casual


Sunscreen & sunglasses!

A hat

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