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PADOVA is also an excellence in food and beverage


Together with its countryside, where traditional crops include wheat, rice, corn, fresh vegetable fruits and livestock breeding, the nearby Adriatic sea ensures a rich fish catch and shellfish choice. 

Local wines are also internationally celebrated and wine cellars open to visits. 

Curious about local traditions and street food? Here is a short list, to make your mouth water! All of these places are in the areas of Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Frutti, the very heart of Padova, and they are the favourite destinations for those who like to discover the best of our gastronomy in a very easy setting. 




The history of this small osteria (wine bar) goes back to more than 25 years. No seats at all, just two small counters below a large blackboard (the wall of panini) with long list of homemade fresh sandwiches (no frozen bread here!) and a description of ingredients. Many of these panini are named according to the clients who suggested them, to consign them to a never ending glory! A panino with a glass of wine does not exceed € 7,00




The name comes after folpo, the squid. Massimo and Barbara are the last guardians of the tradition of small counters, where fresh fish cooked on site was served. Under their kiosk, the folpetto is boiled and seasoned with oil, lemon and persil. You can also enjoy here a dinner or aperitif, tasting many other fish specialties.

The tradition of fish specialties has been joined during the last couple of years by other counters in the area, who serve fried fish and other fish specialties.




This bar, with a pleasant area overlooking Piazza dei Frutti, is famous for its panino con la porchetta. Marco and Betty have been managing this place for more than 30 years. It is just by side of La Folperia, and there is a gentlemen’s agreement among them, so that you can sit here and enjoy a good glass of wine while eating your folpetto. But you can also ask for their most renown specialty, the sandwich with porchetta (Italian spit-roasted pork). 




Tramezzino is a typical Italian sandwich, made on a basis of soft bread and filled with a number of ingredients: from vegetables to cheese, from fish to meat, a never ending variety to pair with sparkling, red or white wine. Il Nazionale offers however its specialty: while tramezzino is always cold, they decided to toast it! The result was so brilliant, to push the Nazionale’s reputation among lovers of the Piazze. 

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