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Wednesday, 23 August 2023, full day


Bring your badge with you!

  • The main gate is located at Via Niccolò Tommaseo 59, pedestrian access only

  • Secondary gate is located in Via Goldoni (Gate C) for both pedestrian

On Wednesday, 23 August, the Venue will be open only for the departure of tour buses.

Therefore the venue will stay closed until the next morning (Thursday, 24 August).

Please do not leave cars, personal objects or other inside the venue on August 23.

8:30 Meeting Call for attendance

9:00 Departure from Padova Congress

10:00 Arriving at Morning visit to Dry-Cured Ham Factory “Veneto” Fontana Prosciutti

10:30 Technical Visit and Taste Morning visit to the horsemeat processing plant “Coppiello Giovanni”

In the local plant of Montagnana, equipped with the latest employee and food safety technology, the production process of the raw ham/prosciutto is still traditionally artisan.

Every stage of the leg processing – from salting to seasoning – takes place on site, benefitting from the unique microclimate of Montagnana, characterized by alternating dry and wet periods. The leg is processed only by adding very little sea salt, without preservatives and flavourings and it naturally develops the white patina visible on the surface. This precious meat protein is tasteless and does not change the organoleptic qualities of the product.

The visit is followed by a prosciutto (raw ham) tasting.

12:00 Walk to Montagnana for Lunch

12:30 Lunch at Restaurant Il Palio

15:00 Guided Visit  afternoon visit to the fully-walled medieval town of Montagnana.

16:45 Meeting point We meet at the meeting point with your guide, ready to go back to Padova!

17:00 Leaving

18:00 Return to Padova Congress

Do not forget!

Your badge

Dress casual


Sunscreen & sunglasses!

A hat

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