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Wednesday, 23 August 2023, full day


Bring your badge with you!

  • The main gate is located at Via Niccolò Tommaseo 59, pedestrian access only

  • Secondary gate is located in Via Goldoni (Gate C) for both pedestrian

On Wednesday, 23 August, the Venue will be open only for the departure of tour buses.

Therefore the venue will stay closed until the next morning (Thursday, 24 August).

Please do not leave cars, personal objects or other inside the venue on August 23.

8:30 Meeting Call for attendance

9:00 Departure from Padova Congress

9:30 Arriving at Coppiello F. Horsemeat Laboratory (Vigonza, Padova)


9:45 Technical Visit and Taste Morning visit to the horsemeat processing plant “Coppiello Giovanni”

Production is the beating heart of Coppiello: a space where experienced professionals painstakingly prepare the meat, with passion and total dedication to processing in order to ensure an excellent final product, healthy, with low fat and cholesterol content and high levels of protein, but also tasty and, thanks to a wide variety, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The visit is followed by a horsemeat tasting.

11:45 circa transfer for lunch break by bus 

12:30 Lunch at "Pizzeria Al Cristo" (Dolo, Venice), a cozy and historical location with great italian food located in the Venice province

14:30 circa transfer for lunch break by bus to Villa Pisani

15:00 Guided Visit at Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani, the "Queen" of the world - famous venetian villas, is one of the main tourist attractions in the Veneto Region. The fine villa of the noble Pisani family lies along the Riviera del Brenta, an ideal extension of Venetian Gran Canal on the land, 10 minutes away from Padua and 20 from Venice.

16:45 Meeting point We meet at the meeting point with your guide, ready to go back to Padova!

17:30 leaving from Villa Pisani

18:15 Return to Padova Congress


Do not forget!

Your badge

Dress casual


Sunscreen & sunglasses!

A hat

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